Twothousandseventeen was unseen!

Twothousandseventeen was unseen!

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In September, we enjoyed our annual surprise day: a skid course in Bruges. Since no one had ever done this before, we weren’t expecting a good performance. But once we got behind the wheel, it turned out that although individually we didn’t set any records, as a team, we exceeded all expectations. We even won the Best Driver Company Challenge! This anecdote is a perfect representation of our year 2017. Nobody had great expectations, yet this year, we once again gave it our all and that’s how 2017 turned into a year of great progress. Let us look back for a moment.

In 2017, the Business unit (BU) fluid cooling systems didn’t have a moment to rest. Not only did they have to install and start-up numerous new cooling towers, but they also had to maintain and renovate existing cooling towers in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. As owners become more and more aware that their cooling towers are an important part of their production process, they are increasingly asking for the specialized services of Almeco to bring and keep their installations in excellent condition. Last but not least, we had remarkably more projects to make existing cooling towers more quiet (see for example the reference of Citrique). This will undoubtedly have to do with stricter monitoring of legislation by the government.  2018 already started with a bang and we are looking forward to what the future brings for us.

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The BU industrial fans had a very productive year. They managed to reach the optimistic budget quota for 2017! In addition, 2017 brought some innovations. We were able to bring a new design of an axial fan to the market. It concerns a type of directly driven bifurcated duct fan (ADB) with the engine located outside the air stream. We also made a new brochure for the axial fans. Please don’t hesitate to take a look and don't forget to keep an eye on our upcoming projects! 

2017 led to several records for the BU drying systems. No less than 11 Ronair machines were sold in one year! This required infinite test runs, recalibrations and adjustments, but the excellent results made up for all the hard work. We also sold more JetBlacks and Cleaning Booths than ever before! Our team visited 75 of our customers (including 50 new ones!) in no less than 5 different countries! And on top of all this, we made time to exhibit at five fairs! It is with great satisfaction that we note that the drying systems are in an upward spiral. This is very promising for 2018!

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PCA did not rest for a second in 2017. They saw the four corners of Europe. In total they had 11 projects: both waste water and process water projects. Moreover, the projects were spread over different sectors (food, surface treatment, steel industry, etc.). They were located all over Europe and even one in Peru! All employees had to stay abroad regularly in order to complete the projects successfully. Fortunately, the efforts turned into great results: turnover has increased and the projects continue to flow in! In addition, we published two articles in Aquarama this year and participated in the namesake fair. We hope to satisfy many customers as well in 2018!

AXON Group wants to congratulate four colleagues in 2017 for their long loyalty and commitment to the firm. Congratulations to Thierry, Frank, Thibault and Frederic! Thierry has been working in our workplace for 15 years and nowadays he makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the warehouse. Frank, who has been on board for 15 years, is involved in projects for our BU cooling towers and is also responsible for prevention (HSE). Thibault has been working with us for 10 years. He is responsible for the sales and projects of drying systems. Finally, there is Frederic, who has been working as a technician for PCA for 10 years. Congratulations, we are very happy that they joined our team all those years ago and hope there will be much more years to come.

Jubilee Almeco
Jubilee Almeco
Jubilee Almeco
Jubilee PCA

We had the chance to welcome six new employees: Marc, Wout, Lisa, Thomas, Dante and Daniel! And we are still looking for more people! So take a look at our job offers and maybe we can welcome you to our company in 2018

Here at AXON Group we are very enthusiastic about 2017 and can’t wait to see what 2018 has in stock for us! Follow us on our website and LinkedIn to stay informed of all new developments!

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