Almeco and PCA buy a new bridge crane and invest in the future

Almeco and PCA buy a new bridge crane and invest in the future

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A big day for Almeco and PCA because our new and larger bridge crane was delivered! For Almeco and PCA, this bridge crane is an investment in a future with a higher efficiency and a safe working environment.

Better, faster, stronger

It's not the first bridge crane we purchase here in Almeco and PCA. We already have one that can lift 5 tons and hangs at a height of 4,8m.
The new bridge takes it a step further: it hangs at a height of 7m and is equipped with two hoists capable of lifting 10 tons each.
The fact that the overhead crane hangs higher, means that we will now also be able to assemble larger gas scrubbers for example. The two additional hoist points also allow us to lift and move larger cooling towers and fans more easily.

Safety guaranteed

At Almeco and PCA, there is always a 100% commitment to safety. So it's not surprising that extra investments were made in the safety of the bridge crane. A communication system was installed between the old and the new crane. This ensures that, as soon as the bridge cranes come into each others vicinity, an alarm goes off and the speed is adjusted. This way, crashes can be avoided.
In addition, the overhead crane is frequency-controlled, which means that there are less pendulum movements possible and we can work more precisely.

Straight to a powerful future for Almeco and PCA!

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