Drying and conveyor system for the food industry

Customer: Almeco

For Almeco, a supplier of drying systems, PCA has automated a drying and conveying- system for different sizes of cups filled with babyfood.

In this particular part of production there are 2 production lines. On each line there is a drying system. After the drying process the products enter a controlling unit (first an automatic one, afterwards a manual operated controlling system) whereafter the cups are directed towards 3 different packaging lines.

automatisation systeme de sechage

Together there are more than 25 engines controlled by frequency controls, different position sensors and a communication system between the machines and our installation.

Here we used a Siemens S7-315 2 PN/DP PLC, with a Siemens 10" touch screen. The frequency controllers are ordered with the Profibus network and with the ethernet connection the installation can be controlled or adapted from a distance. The electrical cabinets, cable paths, ... are manufactured in stainless steel conform the strict hygienic directives in the food industry.

automation of drying system
automatisering droogsysteem