Control of a cooling tower

For this project, we were dealing with an installation with more power. The master switch of 400A drives 2 pumps of 55kW and 2 industrial fans of 7,5 kW.

To control these cooling towers, we used a Siemens PLC S7-313C 2DP with a 6" touchscreen. Each motor is controlled with a frequency control through the Profibus network. The PLC controls the functioning of the pumps according to the pressure and the functioning of the industrial fans according to the temperature.

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control of a cooling tower

The automation of this installation has realised savings in energy consumption thanks to the controlling with the frequency controller. Thanks to the touch screen, we realised a registration of the data on a memory stick (pressure, temperature, time of functioning, consumed energy, ...) so that this can be exported in a Microsoft Excel worksheet and can be analysed.