Automation coating company

automatisatie lakkerij

In a coating company PCA developed the automation of the complete production process. In this process several actions are done (pumping ground water, transportation, pre-treatment, drying and baking of the pieces in ovens, water purification, etc). PCA developed the control and complete visualisation of the process.

To ensure a fluent interaction in the different procedures, communication between the units was needed. These units were provided with a Siemens Step 7300 PLC that communicates via a Profinet-network. There is also a Simatic WinCC Scada package which facilitates the operation, visualisation and logging on different places.

For the Track-and-trace-system we use RFID-tags and readers, which are accessed by the same Profinet-network. In this way it is possible to have access to all the data concerning the finishing and the treatment of the pieces, and to further process and save this data.

The most recent production line that was taken into use, consists of different drive chains, switches and stops. Every engine is supplied with a frequency control. These controls are together with the sensors, the compressed air valves, etc addressed via an ASI-network that is installed throughout the entire company.

PCA has a well established relationship with this company, which invests on a regular basis in improvements of the production process and extensions of the automation.